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NTPC Limited, incorporated in 1975 as a public sector company wholly owned by goverment of india, is largest thermal power generating company of the country, with a generating capacity over 26,000 MW.

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Tender 220, NIT No. 01/CMM/CMPG/R-7138 on HOLD till further notice from NTPC New 3/31/2008
Corrigendum for Tender 220, NIT No. 01/CMM/CMPG/R-7138 New 3/12/2008
Corrigendum for Tender 208,NIT No. RGCCP/Kayamkulam/PCs/2007, Kayamkulam New 12/11/2007
Correigndum for Tender No. 156, Bearings New 3/6/2007

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